Web Application Expertise
Technology Expertise
  FRAMEWORKS : JavaScript  |  Zend Framework  |  Symfony CodeIgniter  | CakePHP |  Fusebox  |  Yii
  LIBRARIES : PEAR  |  Smarty  |  Doctrine
  TECHNOLOGIES : Ajax  |  XSL  |  XML-RPC Prototype  |  jQuery  |  ExtJS  |  YahooUI  |  Dojo  | MooTools | Google AJAX API
  DATABASES : MySQL 4+  |  MySQL 5+  |  PostgreSQL | Oracle
  OS : Linux  |  Windows
  OPEN SOURCE : Drupal  |  Magento  |  OpenX  |  phpBB | TinyMCE  |  Joomla  |  Wordpress | OsCommerce  |  Prestashop
  WEB SERVICES : ASP .NET  |  WCF Services  |  REST   |  SOAP  |  JSON
  DATA ACCESS : ADO .NET  |  LINQ  |  Entity Framework
  DISTRIBUTED APPS : Enterprise Services  |  .NET Remoting
  DESKTOP : Windows Forms  |  WPF
  PRODUCTS : SharePoint
  SOCIAL NETWORKING APPS : Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Linkedin
Open Source Solutions

Fostering innovation through technology, IIPL is a team of highly skilled web developers. With our expertise in open source development, we offer niche services to our clients.


IIPL blends technical excellence with thoughtful consultation to develop newer ideas. This along with our deep understanding of Web 2.0 helps clients in achieving business objectives.


Our range of open source web development services includes:


Joomla Website Development

We offer website development services on Joomla which is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) extensively used for publishing content on intranets and World Wide Web along with Model-view-controller (MVC) Web Application Development framework. We have with us a team of joomla developers who have easy work flow with sophisticated joomla components, extensions and modules.


Drupal Web Development

Drupal is a free, open source modular framework and content management system witten in the programming language PHP, Also known as a "web application framework", Drupal can also provide wide range of services and transactions apart from being a CMS.



Wordpress is a blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. Wordpress supports one web blog per installation, though multiple concurrent copies may be run from different directories if configured to use separate database tables.

What open source web development can do for you?
  • Cost advantage because of no recurring license fees
  • Freedom from vendor lock-ins
  • Greater stability and scalability of open source solutions
  • Right of entry protection
  • Enhanced performance because of novel and better functionalities
  • Published interfaces with no hidden codes
  • Assurance of backwards compatibility
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