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Customized Hospital Management

It is very difficult for a well managed hospital which is esteemed with prestigious quality standards to sustain solely with the existence of support & medical executives. Technology is now much advancing to a phase where processes are escalating importance.


IIPL delivers a sophisticated approach to customized hospital management systems which help executives work & collaborate thereby concurring the highest standards of value based healthcare.


Our customized hospital management software aids in making the right decisions for the Hospital Administration Executives, ensuring reduction in costs & maximum resource utilization. We understand that TIME plays a major role in the processes & operations of a successful & reputed hospital. Our simplified hospital management solution reduces the overall time taken to streamline the operational processes of the hospital.


IIPL not only ensures the customized hospital management system for the hospital, but also for the patients. We take utmost responsibility to ensure that the operational processes do not damage the emergency situations of patients.


User friendliness plays an important role as we believe that the best system is one in which the user of the system can be self trained. This can only be achieved by user friendliness of the system.


Though it isn’t possible for us to list down all the features of our hospital management solution, some of our distinctive features are :


Reservation & Admission management

  • Advance Reservation Management
  • Patient Registration Management
  • Patient Visit Management
  • Patient Transaction management
  • Appointment/Diary management
  • Patient Enquiry management


Patient Management

  • Patient Details
  • Consulting Details
  • Patient Transaction Details
  • Patient Daily Analysis Details
    • Daily observation
    • Medicine details
    • Medicine expiry date tracking
    • Patient history analysis
  • Patient Room Transfer Management


Pharmacy Management

  • Pharmacy items Inventory management (with Multiple vendor management)
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting


Inventory Management

  • General items Inventory Management
  • Transfer management


Patient Invoicing Management

  • Consolidated Invoices
  • Refunds
  • Discounts
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Receipts


Casualty Management


Laboratory Management

  • Perform Tests
  • Tracking of Tests
  • Test Result Management
  • Invoicing


OT Management


Blood Bank Management


Dietary Management


Fleet Management


Human resource management


Document management


Laundry management


Canteen management


Financial Accounting management


Reminder Management


Reports Management


MIS Reports

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