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Business Intelligence & Data Mining

Traditional BI has focused simply on information delivery in the form of dashboards or reports, limited analytics where the solution itself has been a noncritical component of the broader architecture. However, decision making is usually a collaborative process that involves evaluation of alternatives based on feedback from and input of multiple people.


However, now the focus has shifted toward operational business intelligence, where the business intelligence solution is deployed in parallel with specific operational solutions and processes, thus keeping in mind the "right-time" decision support to a broader base of users at all levels of the organization. The resulting tools guide users through a decision-making workflow by performing some analytic functions "behind the scenes" while leaving enough flexibility for users to perform their own personalized analytic activities.


IIPL implements Business Intelligence Solutions by combining the relevant features and functions of traditional and operational business intelligence depending on the specific decision-making needs of individuals or groups of individuals in an organization.


IIPL professionally implements enterprise-wide reporting, online analytical processing, predictive analysis, data mining, benchmarking and business performance management tools helping your business succeed in global competition through increased productivity, enhanced marketing efforts and business processes optimization.


While many companies have already deployed traditional business intelligence solutions to a subset of their employees, the clear trend today is to expand the availability of decision support solutions to a broad user base of internal and external operational decision makers by adding business intelligence functions to existing operational and business processes within a collaborative infrastructure.

What Business Intelligence Solutions can do?
  • Increase the strength & value of customer relationships
  • Plan, Schedule & Execute procurement schedule
  • Save costs on Inventory Investment
  • Accelerate the new product time into the market
  • Increase quality standards by applying world class technologies
  • Quick response times to changing market conditions & sensitive company situations.
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