Technology Expertise
  FRAMEWORKS : JavaScript  |  Zend Framework  |  Symfony CodeIgniter  | CakePHP |  Fusebox  |  Yii
  LIBRARIES : PEAR  |  Smarty  |  Doctrine
  TECHNOLOGIES : Ajax  |  XSL  |  XML-RPC Prototype  |  jQuery  |  ExtJS  |  YahooUI  |  Dojo  | MooTools | Google AJAX API
  DATABASES : MySQL 4+  |  MySQL 5+  |  PostgreSQL | Oracle
  OS : Linux  |  Windows
  OPEN SOURCE : Drupal  |  Magento  |  OpenX  |  phpBB | TinyMCE  |  Joomla  |  Wordpress | OsCommerce  |  Prestashop
  WEB SERVICES : ASP .NET  |  WCF Services  |  REST   |  SOAP  |  JSON
  DATA ACCESS : ADO .NET  |  LINQ  |  Entity Framework
  DISTRIBUTED APPS : Enterprise Services  |  .NET Remoting
  DESKTOP : Windows Forms  |  WPF
  PRODUCTS : SharePoint
  SOCIAL NETWORKING APPS : Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Linkedin
about us
About Us
Corporate Profile

Practice makes PERFECT and we have achieved perfection in IT. We meet the needs of small, midsize & big companies by providing them solutions which enhance their business intelligence; thereby saving time & costs.


The good news is that, provided you follow a few straightforward rules, you can have one too; by working with IIPL.


Why iThink Infotech?

The market is filled with technology consulting and development firms that claim to provide services and solutions for the full spectrum of IT business requirements. However, it is difficult for them to understand & meet the client's expectations which leads to a downfall.


Here is when iThink Infotech,an organization that thinks big, but starts small comes in. Each engagement begins with a fresh start with no pre-perceived approach or products to sell. Our approach is to utilize our deep understanding of your operations, processes, and systems, and develop and customize a solution that truly works for you.


Engagement Models

Why so many different engagement models? Simply stated: because of you.


In a global market, companies have diverse needs. We understand the value and convenience of allowing our customers to choose or combine engagement models for different phases of any project. Creativity and the ability to adapt and streamline, all at once, are part of the reason we are able to offer such value with our software development costs.


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